Wednesday, 31 October 2012 23:23
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Since its foundation in 1986, RETOS ABP, dedicates its efforts in achieving social and work inclusion of persons with physical and mental disabilities, that are 15 years and older, in our community.

At the beginning our population was mostly composed of persons with only physical disabilities and no mental disabilities. But then there was a time that the social and work inclusion of this people became "easy", given the opening conditions of the companies offering jobs for them.

The reality of the Institution changed drastically, because of the increasing demand of service for persons with mental and intellectual disabilities, and even more due to the difficulty for work inclusion caused by the constant supervision needed (in this type of persons).

At this point, RETOS had to reinvent its services and make a suited program for each necessity of every disability, due to the increasing demand of this group.

We walked into 2006, with the firm conviction of our future - to have a Care Home - Nursery to give service to those that are orphans or in complete abandonment or cannot be attended by their families or other institutions. And also help aware our society of their pro-active responsibility for helping this groups), RETOS reinforces its care model focusing to the following areas: Health with rehabilitation therapy, health monitoring, and foot care; Occupational Therapy, Psyco-sensorial therapy including psychological and multisensory therapy; Nutrition; Transportation and Social Inclusion that covers cultural and sports activities.

In this new stage, RETOS aims to achieve the social family inclusion of its beneficiaries, since most of or population are considered in custody because of their disability and the acquisition of daily living skills are comparable to the ones required for a person with the possibility of social and occupational inclusion.

With this approach, RETOS reinforces the areas, achieving a program that makes all disabilities inclusive permitting to coexist together every day. The harmonious coexistence and the equal opportunities are experimented by both genders.

A very important entry was added to this program, Podiatry, due to the necessities that exist in our Beneficiaries that presented problems in lower extremities and the conditions of coexisting in common areas. Since 2010 this activity became part of our comprehensive health program.