Who we are?
Wednesday, 31 October 2012 23:23
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We are an institution that gives integral attention for people with disabilities and their families, in order to give dignity to their lives. We invite you to know more about our institution, history, activities and achievements.

We also invite you to become part of our team sharing your time, talent, and making social service or volunteering, or with a donation in cash or kind.


Give care to low income people, 15 years and older, with physical or mental disabilities, considering their family environment, in order to improve their life quality and self-esteem, through programs in health, education, training, recreation and human development, to acquire abilities, enabling them to live with dignity.


Have a Homecare - Nursery to give service to those that are orphans or are in complete abandonment or cannot be attended by their families or other institutions. And also help aware our society of their pro-active responsibility for helping this vulnerable groups.


• Provide assistance in the fields offered by the institution, to people who join it.
• Develop independent and self-confident people with healthy social relationships.
• Provide quality services to ensure an improvement in human development.
• Provide a worthy of respect environment with equal treatment, such as people without disabilities enjoy.