My space, My Food
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The objective of this project is that through different occupational activities, our Beneficiaries plant, care, cultivate and harvest vegetables that are then used in the preparation of their food in order to achieve self-sustainability of the institution generating our own food.

Through the therapeutic effect in our beneficiaries, they connect with their inner self, develop communication skills and improve their mood, which promotes a healthy mental state that helps them relax and live better in an appropriate space.

RETOS thanks for the support in this project to:

Lic. Adriana Tijerina Morales
Sr. Agustín Gómez Paras
Lic. Domingo Alvarado
Ing. Fernando Mohamed H.
Lic. Hernán Marcos Z.
Sra. Isabel Garza de Rodríguez
Ing. José Mirón
C.P. José de Jesús Kalifa
Sr. Juan Navarro
Ing. Víctor de Anda Uribe